Seeds & Bulbs

Seeds & Bulbs…

Growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables from seeds and Bulbs is one of the most exciting parts of Gardening and gives great satisfaction when you see them reach their full potential.

We Stock a wide Range of Seeds from Fothergills covering a huge variety of flowering plants from Bedding to more unusual and exotic varieties.

Bulbs are brilliant for creating wonderful spring colour and vibrant shows in the summer. Fill your borders and pots with bulbs and wait for the beautiful blooms to burst into your garden.

Grow Your Own

Get into the gardening spirit and start to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit is good for us, but home grown produce is much fresher and has many more beneficial nutrients in them compared to shop bought fruit and vegetables.

Why Grow Your Own?

  • You can grow a wider range of plants and varieties generally
  • You can choose according to attributes such as flavour, pest resistance, colour etc
  • It’s cheaper
  • You can sow in succession (ie space sowings a couple of weeks apart)
  • You will get a better range of crops for out of the main growing season as there tends to be even less of a range of autumn planted vegetable plants available
  • You’ll get more satisfaction and enjoyment