Sheds & Summerhouses

Sheds & Summerhouses…

Classic & perfect for escapes, come in a variety of sizes as well as shapes. With sheds that are fantastic for outdoor workshops that are easy to make your own. To a glass house that is a quite place to retreat to. We have it all!



Fantastic ways to make a garden into a summer paradise!

Coniston Summerhouse

A lovely Georgian style summer house that offers a corner retreat in your garden. Perfect for many lovely evenings in the summer with a cool refreshing drink.

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The Regent Summerhouse

A shed for delightful for those that want a bespoke area in their garden to get some work done or even just for a nice indoor seating area. This summer house is great for everyone.

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The Denby Summerhouse

A fantastic double door summer house that gives great views through the font glass wall. Its great for a small study area. Why not invest in such an amazing outdoor space.

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Garden Sheds

Make your garden more functional!

The Popular Apex

A great general use shed that popular among many garden owners. Great for storing away any tools and garden items that are susceptible to winter weather which would otherwise be damaged.

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The Supreme Pent

The Supreme Pent offers a more quality shed with some features that make it quite popular. With thicker framing, a fully framed door and extra framing to make it sturdy. Its a perfect option for a long lasting shed.

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The Supreme Apex

The Supreme Apex

A popular tall shed that offers a great stable shed with ample space for all your garden needs. All the supreme range is customisable. Use the PDF below to see all the changes that you can make.

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